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EPA Chief Asserts Burdensome Regulations In California Creates Jobs!


Location: Washington, DC

EPA Chief Asserts Burdensome Regulations In California Creates Jobs!

Dear Neighbor,

Last week, as a Member of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Interior and the Environment, I participated in a budget hearing with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Lisa Jackson.

One of my many concerns about the EPA's budget is the proposed $56 million, including $43 million in new funding, for regulatory programs to regulate greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act. While I strongly support air pollution controls to clean our air, using the Clean Air Act to regulate "greenhouse gases," especially CO2, is the wrong way to go especially since Mexico, China and India will not do the same.

Similar efforts in California to regulate greenhouse gas emissions have motivated businesses to board up their windows and move to more business-friendly states, such as Nevada and Texas. Surprisingly, the EPA Administrator defended the California policy by saying it has created jobs in California; however, the 12% unemployment rate in California tells a different story. I told Administrator Jackson that my fear is that if we adopt the California model for regulating greenhouse gas emissions on a national basis we will wind up driving millions of jobs overseas to countries like China and India. Unfortunately, at the end of the hearing it became quite clear that the Obama Administration will continue to pursue a regulatory process that threatens our economic security. Clean air and economic growth are not mutually exclusive but the Administration's plans for CO2 and other gases is not the right choice.

I also questioned the Administrator about her agency's expenses during the recent Copenhagen Climate Summit, which many Executive Branch employees and Members of Congress attended at a significant cost to American taxpayers. Please click here to read an article on my exchange with Administrator Jackson and take this quick survey to share your thoughts.


Member of Congress

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