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Health Summit More Of Same

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr. (R-Tenn.) issued the following statement Thursday in reaction to the President's bipartisan health care summit earlier that day:

"I am pleased that after a year of crafting an unconstitutional, big government takeover of health care totally behind closed doors, the administration has finally reached out to both parties for ideas.

Unfortunately, all that came from the White House was more of the same unaffordable proposals that will put government between people and their doctors. Our health care system is in need of major reform, but we need to go more in the direction of free enterprise and free market principles.

We had almost no major problems in health care in this Country until the federal government got involved. In the 1960's, health care was cheap and affordable for almost everyone and doctors even made house calls. The federal government then took what was a very minor problem for a few people and turned it into a major problem for almost everyone.

I hope the President changes his focus and concentrates on the many ideas that we can all agree on instead of repackaging the same big government proposals the American people have rejected over and over.

Putting the federal government even more into health care will almost certainly lead to a rationing of care, all sorts of inefficiencies and waste, and a declining quality of medical care for everyone."

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