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Dr. Donna Campbell Wins GOP Nomination for Congressional Bid

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Dr. Donna Campbell Wins GOP Nomination for Congressional Bid

Campaign Builds Momentum on more than Two-to-One Primary Victory

Dr. Donna Campbell yesterday (3/2) earned the Republican nomination for U.S. Congressional District 25 in convincing and compelling fashion; earning nearly 70 percent of the total votes cast, and handily winning each of the district's counties, including that of her primary opponent.

"George Morovich ran a good, positive campaign, and I thank him, his family and his campaign workers for investing so much time and effort in a cause George, I and all fiscal and social conservatives believe in," Dr. Campbell said to a room full of well-wishers in Austin last night (3/2).

Campbell noted in her election-night remarks that, while her name was on the ballot, "thousands of people helped me earn the trust of an overwhelming majority of voters to stand as the GOP nominee."

Worried about inadvertently leaving names unspoken in trying to thank all involved, Campbell did call out her husband, Stan, "for being in my corner from Day One on this campaign," and also gave thanks to God, "for making a run for congress not just a dream but a rewarding and humbling reality."

While election night was an evening of celebration; today (3/3) began an even greater challenge for Dr. Campbell--removing the isolated and entrenched Democrat incumbent, Lloyd Doggett, from Washington.

"It's time for a doctor in the House!" said Dr. Campbell. "Those now in power in congress are determined to entitle the unentitled--a rising socialist tide that can only be turned back by those who believe in, who understand, and who will fight to restore a fiscally-responsible government bound firm by the words of the Constitution rather than the interpretations of judicial activism."

Dr. Campbell noted converting imperialist isolation to engaged representation for U.S. House District 25 is a collective effort. "Working together we can--we will--break the ever-tightening stranglehold of federalism, and we will put this nation on a brighter course!" Dr. Campbell said. "America can again be a nation where the individual rights and powers of the 50 states are not overshadowed by a ballooning, over-reaching federal bureaucracy."

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