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Health Insurance Industry Fair Competition Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. ANDREWS. Mr. Chairman, thank you for your leadership on this bill. I would like to thank and congratulate Mr. Perriello, Ms. Markey and Ms. Slaughter for their leadership.

Members of the House have a choice to make this afternoon: If you believe that the Members of the two parties can work together to solve a problem in our health care system, then the correct vote is ``yes''; if you believe that there can be simple and clear solutions that do not involve thousands of pages of legislative language, then the correct vote is ``yes''; if you believe that health insurance companies should be held to the same standard that car dealers, supermarkets, television networks, candy stores, all kinds of people are held to in this country, then the correct vote is ``yes.''

The choice here is competition versus crony capitalism. Competition means the best competitors get the market share and get the business. It means that health insurance companies cannot meet behind closed doors and fix the prices of their product. We've seen enough of crony capitalism on Wall Street, we have seen enough of crony capitalism in our banking industry, and I think we've seen more than enough of crony capitalism in health insurance.

This is the chance for the Members to come together and say we want the health insurance industry to compete for the business of the American people the same way everybody else does. It is pro-consumer, it is pro-competition. It should be profound evidence that the two parties can work together and start to solve the health care problem.

I congratulate the authors. I would urge my friends on both sides to vote ``yes'' in favor of this bill.


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