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Health Care

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. BROUN of Georgia. Thank you, Mr. King. I appreciate your yielding.

I think the American people need to know that socialism never has worked, never will work, and we've got people here in Washington who are so arrogant, so ignorant, so incompetent that they will think that their brand of socialism is going to work, but it will not. It never has worked. It never will work. I don't care who is trying to force socialism upon our people; it's still not going to work.

In fact, the Progressives, as Mr. King was talking about recently, said way back years ago with Theodore Roosevelt, who was the first Progressive and started the Progressive movement here in this country--the Progressives back a century ago were saying, The best way to socialize America would be to socialize the health care system. They have been trying for 100 years now to socialize the health care system.

We have a sham of a meeting tomorrow at the Blair House that the White House has set up. When it was first announced, I was very hopeful that maybe the President had seen the light from everything that the American people had been saying, in that they don't want to have the government take over the health care system. Maybe he was beginning to see the light and reach out a hand to try to work with us as Republicans. I'm a medical doctor, and I was hopeful that my input and even my health care reform bill, H.R. 3889, which is a comprehensive health care and financial reform bill, which totally looks at the private sector, would maybe be considered.

No, that's not what the White House wants to do. In fact, they've stacked the deck, actually, the final chapter of this whole sham--of the ruse, of the dog-and-pony show--that's going to occur tomorrow.

Now, I've challenged Democrats individually--in fact, many of them--to introduce a bill that would do four things which are totally market-based, which would give patients many options and which would literally lower the cost of health insurance for every American. Four things.

One is to have cross-State purchasing for businesses and individuals so that people could go out and buy their health insurance anywhere in this country.

The second thing is to develop an association pool so that people could join an association and could have a choice of one or more multiple products in the way of health insurance that they could buy.

The third thing is to stimulate the States to set up high-risk pools to cover those people who are uninsurable.

The fourth thing is to have tax fairness for everybody so that everybody could deduct 100 percent of all their health care expenses. We don't have that today.

In fact, last night, I led the Doctors Caucus discussion about health care. Just following us, the Democrats came to the floor, and they were talking about a bill that passed the House today. It's a big insurance company protection bill, is actually what it is. Betsy Markey from Colorado, a Democrat, said she has had a small business, and she was remarking, as to her small business in Colorado, that she only has two choices of buying health insurance, and that she would like to see her employees be able to get insurance across State lines. I've had Democrat after Democrat tell me they'd like to introduce this bill, but they said that their leadership would punish them if they were to introduce it and promote it.

John Shadegg, Charlie Dent and I, all Republicans from different parts of this country, wrote an op-ed that was published in The Washington Times to challenge Democrats to introduce that bill. If we were to have it on the agenda tomorrow, we could introduce that bill. The Democrats could take control of it and could claim the bill as theirs.


Mr. BROUN of Georgia. Thank you.

I believe the American people know what's going on up here, and they're going to say ``no'' to ObamaCare. The American people have already spoken. They're going to say ``no'' to all of this sham, this secrecy, this putting things together with just a few people who won't let Democrats or Republicans be engaged in setting things up. It's all a show. It's a joke. It's a bunch of clowns who are just trying to make something look different than it is. It is nothing but trying to ramrod a health care takeover by the Federal Government, by this administration, and by the leadership.

The American people need to stand up and tell their Congressmen, their Senators ``no'' to this sham, ``no'' to ObamaCare--and we can defeat it. I encourage people all over this country to start calling first thing in the morning, Mr. Speaker, every Congressmen in this Congress and every Senator and say ``no'' to this sham, ``no'' to ObamaCare and ``no'' to a government takeover of the health care system. My patients and my patients' families depend upon it--the American people just saying ``no.''

With that, we as Republicans are not the party of N-O; we are the party of K-N-O-W. We can lower the cost of health care if our issues will get on the table and if we can discuss those.

I yield back.


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