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Week In Review: 2/15 To 2/19


Location: Unknown

Environment and Climate:

As you may recall from December, the EPA issued a ruling naming carbon dioxide--a gas required by plants to survive and a gas exhaled by each of us in every breath--as a dangerous pollutant to be regulated. The EPA decision was based on phony science that has since been publically debunked in what many would call the largest scientific scandal in modern times--Climate Gate. In December, I petitioned the EPA to revisit its "endangerment finding" in light of all the fraud uncovered during Climate Gate. The EPA did not respond to my request and I have now petitioned the U.S. Court of Appeals in the District of Columbia to intervene. You can follow all of these proceedings at This most recent EPA decision is simply a regulatory power grab, and it vastly exceeds the EPA's legislative mandate. You can be certain that I will be sharing more with you about this as the fight continues.

Jobs and Economy:

In keeping with my efforts to educate fellow Members on the issues surrounding the current state of unemployment benefits, I sent a third Dear Colleague noting the failure of Stimulus to create jobs as expected. Despite this Administration's projections that passage of $1 trillion stimulus would keep unemployment below 8.5%, unemployment remains at 10% and record numbers of Americans rely on unemployment to pay their bills. In fact, there are currently 11 million recipients, unfortunately a record high for the fifth consecutive week. To view a copy of the Dear Colleague letter please click here.

In Tuesday's Gwinnett Daily Post, I celebrated the one year anniversary of the stimulus bill by reflecting on the challenges that continue to face our nation despite stimulus spending. Most importantly, spending frivolously without a broader goal of investment is not producing tangible results for our short term economy, nor is it promising for our nation's prosperity going forward. If you would like to read a copy of the editorial please click on the following link, The Stimulus One Year Later.

Water Update:

My new documentary screening on the future of water policy has been postponed until June. The details will be forthcoming. In order to begin this important discussion now in preparation for additional droughts in Georgia in the coming months, the Water Caucus will host a panel session in the afternoon of February 24th that will examine ways to develop additional and improved water storage. To view a copy of the invitation, please click here.

Blog of the Week:

From the Braselton Rotary to constituent meetings in my District Office, it has been a very good week. The pinnacle for me though was the opportunity I had to visit Mill Creek High School and converse with the students there. I simply did a question and answer with them for an hour. The questions they had were very impressive, well thought out and extremely insightful. They are clearly informed and concerned about the decisions being made about their future. It is refreshing for me to see this country's next generation of leaders engaged in the debate at such a young age. President Reagan said, "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction." I thank the students of Mill Creek High School for showing me that they are ready to carry that torch.

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