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Linder Statement On Health Care Summit


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Representative John Linder (R-GA), issued the following statement at the conclusion of President Obama's Health Care Summit:

"The President's summit on healthcare today was very constructive. It showed that there were many people in the Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, who believe that the status quo is unsustainable. It showed that both sides had ideas as to how to address the cost and availability of healthcare. It showed that it was a mistake for the President to insist that the starting point would be a bill that could not pass the senate and house even though the Democrats had huge majorities in each. That was a mistake because both sides were focused on that bill. The President petulantly said that using the bill in front of the speaker was an unfair "prop" and was used only for political purposes. Excuse me? That was the starting point!"

"I do not think it was coincidental that the stock market began the day nearly 200 points down on the Dow and, as it appeared more and more clearly that no agreement could be reached, recovered much of those losses in the afternoon's trading."

"The American people, in poll after poll, have said; 'Start over.' I agree!"

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