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Kingston Disappointed, But Not Surprised In Health Care Summit

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Location: Washington, DC

Kingston Disappointed, But Not Surprised In Health Care Summit

Following today's six hour health care "summit," Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA) expressed disappointment in its outcome, or lack thereof.

"In what could have been a useful summit, we see more of the same: another Washington photo op," said Congressman Kingston. "While it's good that the cameras were finally allowed in, there was an utter lack of debate, substance or engagement. To make matters worse, it's all being done under the threat of inside-the-beltway maneuvering to force through an unpopular proposal."

During the summit, President Obama refused abandon the option of using a legislative maneuver known as reconciliation, which bypasses the usual 60-vote threshold of the Senate. It's widely believed that strategy will be used to force through the health care reform draft released by the White House earlier this week.

While the strategy is gaining traction with Washington Democrats, many of them have criticized the process in the past. Then-Senator Obama said in 2005 that it was, "not what the founders intended." That same year, Vice President Joe Biden referred to it as, "an example of the arrogance of power," and labeled it, "a fundamental power grab."

"Coming to the table with one hand behind your back isn't an honest negotiation -- it's Washington hypocrisy at its height," Congressman Kingston said. "People in my district and people across America want the current plans scrapped. Let's drop the talking points, the grand standing, and the photo ops so we can get to work to bring real solutions to America's problems."

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