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Congressman Peters Rated Most Moderate Member Of Michigan Delegation In Either Party

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Gary Peters is the most moderate Member of the Michigan Delegation in either party, according to the annual rankings of congressional voting records published today. National Journal's annual "Vote Ratings" also ranked Congressman Peters among the most moderate in Congress and classified him as a "Centrist".

"I'm not surprised to be rated as a moderate," said Congressman Peters. "When deciding how to vote I thoroughly review legislation, talk with experts and local residents and determine whether I think the bill is in the best interest of people in Oakland County. The reason partisanship has reached such a fever pitch and Washington is gridlocked is that too many on each side adhere to rigid liberal or conservative ideology, rather than work to find practical solutions."

The annual ranking pegs Congressman Peters' voting record at 57.3% liberal (with 100% being purely liberal and 0% being purely conservative), making him less liberal than all Michigan Democrats. Peters' liberal score was also lower than any Michigan Republicans' conservative score, making Peters the most moderate of all Members of the Michigan delegation. Peters is the 193rd most liberal Member of the House, putting him solidly in the middle of the ideological spectrum among all Members of Congress.

How Michigan House Members ranked, beginning with the most moderate:

1. Gary Peters, D 57.3% liberal (193rd most liberal in the House)
2. Bart Stupak, D 58.2% liberal (187th)
3. Mark Schauer, D 58.7% liberal (183rd)
4. Vernon Ehlers, R 61.2% conservative (172nd most conservative in the House)
5. Fred Upton, R 61.2% conservative (172nd)
6. Candice Miller, 63.7% conservative (164th)
7. John Dingell, D 67.3% (149th)
8. Thaddeus McCotter, 68.2% conservative (147th)
9. Dale Kildee, D 69.2% liberal (145th)
10. Dave Camp, R 71.2% conservative (137th)
11. Pete Hoekstra, R 74.0% conservative (129th)
12. John Conyers, D 75.2% liberal (120th)
13. Mike Rogers, R 77.0% conservative (111th)
14. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, D 77.7% liberal (98th)
15. Sander Levin, D 77.8% liberal (94th)

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