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MSNBC "Daily Rundown" - Transcript


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Cantor Discusses Health Care and the President's Summit on MSNBC's "Daily Rundown"

Cantor On The President's Proposal:

"What we're saying is, there is plenty of room for agreement when you're talking about health care. Republicans care about improving health care for families and lowering costs. We believe there is a sustainable way to do that, but the way is not in the bill that the President is pushing, which is essentially the same repackaged Senate bill. Because what you've got there is a situation that you want to expand coverage to the however many number of uninsured that is assumed, but the way that they try and do that is that they take away the health care that people know in the other 85% of the population. That's not what the American people want.

On Democrats Attempting To Pass Health Care Via Reconciliation:

"The buzz around Washington right now is the inevitability that this health care bill is going to pass, that we're somehow going to go to this health care summit and there will be a decision on the part of Speaker Pelosi and Harry Reid to go ahead and jam this bill through. The point of the memo that we put out was, you know, there's a great thing about our democracy. That is, the American people speak up. They don't like this bill. Speaker Pelosi doesn't have the votes in the House and I think that's just where we are. It's indicative of the fact that the American people don't like this health care bill.

On Bipartisanship:

"It really has to go back to focusing on what the American people want right now. Bipartisanship is the way to produce a bill that will satisfy the American people. There are things that we agree on. One, we agree on the ability for people to purchase insurance across state lines. That will promote more competition. Don't have the government impose what the insurance plans should look like, give people the opportunity to choose. We also, I think, as an American people agree you shouldn't have frivolous lawsuits clogging the system and adding to the costs. The President indicated he thought that was a good idea. Unfortunately, Speaker Pelosi has not moved in one way towards accomplishing that end.

On Achieving Real Health Care Reform:

"The spirit of compromise would be to push the reset button and try and do some things that will actually affect positive change. It's not that the goals behind this bill, which is to increase coverage and reduce costs aren't valid. It's that the bill itself is flawed. It does not produce a positive outcome, nor does it reduce over overall health care costs in this country. So it basically is an unsustainable formula and will not allow folks to continue to enjoy the health care that they have. That's our point, and there's a reason why Nancy Pelosi doesn't have the votes in the House right now. It's because the American people have spoken up and they don't like this bill. They reject it."

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