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Issue Position

By:  Blake Farenthold
Location: Unknown

I will support our conservative values in Washington D.C. I will fight for the right solutions to the tough challenges that we face in our state and in our nation. And I won't back down. I will stand up to the liberal special interests and bring common sense conservative government to our nation's capital.

* We are losing our freedoms. Government run healthcare opens the door to massive regulation of every aspect of people's lives, from what they eat, to how they exercise, all the way to who lives or dies. The federal government is already too large and powerful. Taxes are too high, laws and regulations are too complicated and common sense has been replaced by paperwork and bureaucracy. We must move power away from Washington and return it to the states, local governments, and more importantly, the people.
* Political correctness has taken the place of reason in the military, homeland security, and border control. We must strengthen our national security and we must start right here on the Texas border.
* America is too far in debt. We are spending our grandchildren's money on worthless inefficient programs and bailouts. Politicians are more interested in increasing their power and keeping their jobs than doing what's best for our country. American ingenuity and entrepreneurs can come to the rescue of our economy but government must get out of the way and let the free market system work.
* We must be personally responsible. The government is not responsible for meeting all of our needs. Each of us, individually, is responsible for ourselves and our families. We must create a meaningful system that moves people off welfare and into jobs.
* We can create new jobs. Businesses, not government, are the key to putting people back to work. We must simplify and lower taxes to make American companies more competitive. We should reduce government regulation and paperwork. We should also return common sense and reasonable verdicts to the tort law system.
* We are still the greatest nation in the world. We need solid conservative leadership to ensure that the future is bright for our children and our grandchildren.

Help us stay free for all your Fellow Americans

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