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Issue Position: Reigning In Federal Spending, Taxation, and the Growth of Government Programs

Issue Position

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Many in Washington believe government gets better when it gets bigger. We all know the definition of insanity and expecting giant government bureaucracies to efficiently and effectively serve our every need certainly fits in that definition.

There is only one sure thing which comes from growing federal programs -- more taxes -- not just on "the rich" as some in Washington have promised, but on all of us.

* Hiking tax rates and changing the formulas to squeeze more dollars out of our families and businesses are the obvious results.
* But it's the "hidden taxes" which hit lower and middle income families. They come in the form of higher prices on groceries for our families, clothes for our children, electricity for our homes, and less services being available because of mandates out of Washington.
* And, ultimately, the growth of federal government comes at the price of private sector jobs -- the jobs hundreds of millions of Americans rely on every day. The main job growth in America right now is in government -- sadly, millions of American families are being harmed by this short-sighted approach to fix our economy.

Long term, the out of control spending has gravely harmed our country's financial standing in the world. Our dollar has been devalued and other countries literally hold our future in their hands.

As your Congressman, I will stand firm and make tough decisions about spending with the main goals being: balancing our federal budget; paying off debts owed to foreign nations; and building up capital to meet our commitments to Social Security and Medicare.

It's time for the federal government to make the sacrifices that American families make each and every day to meet their needs, balance their accounts, and plan for their future.

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