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One year after enactment of the so-called "stimulus," Americans are asking, "Where are the jobs?"

For $826 billion all we got was a record deficit, over three million lost jobs, and a mountain of debt for our children to pay, which why is Congressman Smith voted against the stimulus.

On top of the failed stimulus, the President and Democrats in Congress attempted to ram through job-killing policies such as cap and trade, tax increases, and government-controlled health care. However, the only thing they succeeded in doing was to provide a lesson on how not to stimulate the economy and create jobs.

Congressman Smith knows that the government doesn't create jobs, American ingenuity and entrepreneurs do. But the unprecedented growth of government in Washington is casting a chilling shadow on the American economy.

Small businesses, which have created 66% of all new jobs in the past 15 years, aren't going to hire people when they are worried about paying higher taxes and facing more government mandates. With all the talk coming out of Washington, who would take that risk?

Congressman Smith believes that when Washington eliminates the looming threat of more taxes, more spending and more debt, American entrepreneurs will have an incentive to invest in their businesses and put Americans back to work.

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