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Governor Sanford Comments on House's Restructuring Vote


Location: Columbia, SC

Gov. Mark Sanford today issued the following statement regarding the state House's passage of a bill allowing South Carolina voters to decide if the Secretary of State should be an elected or appointed position.

"First, we'd thank the House for passing what we believe to be a move toward commonsense restructuring that will make state government more efficient and accountable," said Gov. Sanford. "Currently, South Carolina government costs state taxpayers 140 percent the national average in large part based on an archaic 1895 Constitution - and as we've said for years, this 1895 decision splintered the Executive Branch in South Carolina. The nine statewide elected officials that came with it deserve to be looked at, voted on and decided by the people of this state, and we believe this decision of the House to simply let the people decide what is best could go a long way toward increasing accountability across state government.

"Specifically for their leadership and repeated efforts to bring about this vote for reform, we'd single out and applaud Speaker Bobby Harrell and Representatives Tom Young, Tim Scott and Anton Gunn - as this legislation's passage is a direct product of their and others' persistence and commitment to restructuring.

"Finally, we'd urge the Senate to take up this restructuring measure and allow South Carolinians the chance to vote for reform. Likewise, we'd ask people from all corners of the state to make their voices heard by contacting their respective state Senator and urging them to join the House in its push for accountability and efficiency across state government"

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