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Smith: Obama Administration Is Holding Wrong Summit


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Lamar Smith issued the following statement today regarding President Obama's so-called "health care summit":

"The President's health care summit today is too little, too late: the Administration has already released its health care proposal without consulting Republicans.

"Instead of a summit on health care, we should have a summit on job creation or a summit on cutting spending and reducing the deficit or a summit on lawsuit abuse reform or a summit on not treating terrorists like common criminals.

"The Administration's health care plan raises premiums, increases taxes and cuts Medicare benefits for seniors, according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office. It's no wonder 67% of Americans now want Congress to start over on health care.

"Instead of defying the wishes of Americans, the Administration should address the 15 million people who are unemployed, the millions more who have given up on finding a job, and specifically the 17% unemployment rate in the black community.

"The Administration should listen to the American people, not hold a six-hour photo-op on the wrong subject."

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