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Blog: My Number One Priority - Job Creation


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Today, the Department of Labor reported that in December of 2009, employers across America cut an additional 85,000 jobs. Though this is a significant improvement from December of 2008, when we lost 630,000 jobs, this report remains a great disappointment and underlines how many Americans - and especially Floridians - are suffering in this economy. The fact that unemployment is still at 10 percent and even higher in Florida only reaffirms my belief that Congress and the President must make the creation of new jobs our number one priority.

Economists may be claiming the recession is over -- after all, consumer spending has improved a great deal and for the first time in two years and our economy has shown growth. But for the 15.3 million Americans without jobs, positive trends cited by economists just don't cut it. In Florida, where nearly half of our residents are underwater on their mortgages, positive trends are not stopping the devastating foreclosure crisis.

I am running for Congress because I want to build an economic policy that puts South Florida back to work.

We need to refocus our efforts on small businesses, the chief supplier of jobs in our economy. If bailed out banks on Wall Street are returning billions of dollars to the federal government, we should use those funds to increase small business access to affordable loans. Congress must also come together and finally pass health care reform so that we can lift the burden of skyrocketing premiums off our small businesses, allowing them to hire more employees and pay them better wages.

Bringing new jobs to South Florida will be my number one priority in Congress. It is time to realize the potential that green energy could have in South Florida by investing in solar, biofuel, and ocean current technologies. I will work hard to pass a comprehensive green jobs bill in Congress and deliver real results to my constituents.

If you send me to Congress, I will fight to bring economic security to the citizens of South Florida. My election date of Tuesday, February 2nd is fast approaching, and I am so thankful for your support in this campaign. There is a lot of work ahead of us but I know that together we can help pass a brighter future onto our children.

- Ted

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