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Health Care And The Jobs Bill

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. McCONNELL. Mr. President, first, I want to welcome everybody back. I don't think there is any snow in the forecast, so hopefully we can get some work done around here. Having spent the past week in Kentucky, I can assure you that my constituents are concerned, first and foremost, about jobs and the economy. And another thing they are concerned about is lawmakers in Washington making matters worse.

Americans are worried about the growing national debt. That is why Republicans hope to offer amendments to the jobs bill that we will be voting on today that would lower it. Those ideas should be considered.

Millions of Americans want to get back to work. That is why Republicans will offer ideas that will make it easier for businesses to hire new workers. Those ideas should be considered too.

Small business owners want greater certainty about the future. That is why Republicans will propose ideas that will keep their taxes from going up and make it easier for them to invest in their businesses. Those and other ideas from both sides of the aisle should be considered.

Later this week, we will have the health care summit at the White House. Americans want the administration to scrap its massive government scheme in favor of an incremental approach to health care reform. Unfortunately, the White House still seems unwilling to do the one thing Americans want most. It is still clinging to a massive bill that Americans have overwhelmingly rejected again and again for months.

The tragedy of this approach is that the longer Washington sticks with its failed approach to health care, the longer Americans will have to wait for the real, step-by-step reforms that will actually lower costs and lead to a better system. That is the kind of real reform Americans have wanted all along. That is what they have been asking for and that is what Republicans in Congress will continue to fight for.

I suggest the absence of a quorum.


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