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Barrett: What Has The Stimulus Created? More Debt, Not More Jobs


Location: Washington, DC

Today marks the one year anniversary of the "stimulus bill" being signed into law. Congressman J. Gresham Barrett (SC-03) released the following statement in regards to this occasion:

"When the President signed the stimulus legislation into law, he claimed it would lower unemployment and put millions of Americans back to work. However, a year has passed and the only thing created by the stimulus is more debt, not more jobs.

I voted against the stimulus because it was a bad deal for my district, for my state and for my country, and in the year since it passed, things have only gotten worse. The fact of the matter is the majority of this money did not go towards job creation, but wasteful spending. Recent media reports also reveal that more than $3.5 billion in stimulus funds are going towards projects that the President intends to reduce or eliminate completely in his proposed FY 2011 budget.

For the past year, the President has been making promises that he is unable to keep. The American people are tired of hearing speeches about creating more jobs; now is the time for action. It is not too late to put our economic future back on track, but it can only be done by creating common sense solutions which are also financially feasible."

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