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Issue Position: Protecting Life

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Life begins at conception. Abortion takes life -- approximately 1.2 million unborn babies' lives each year in this country. The most basic rule of law tells us that it is wrong for one person to take the life of another person, no matter what stage of life they are at. Sadly, my opponent Phil Hare not only supports a woman's' right to take the life of her unborn child, but he also supports The Freedom of Choice Act, which, if passed, will remove basic restrictions on abortion, such as the partial birth abortion ban and notification of parents of minors attempting to obtain an abortion, and consequently lead to many more of them.

The Right to Life Act and The Pregnant Women Support Act are two of the most sound pieces of legislation Congress has ever introduced. They protect the lives of unborn children and provide support for mothers in need. Both bills are sponsored by Democrats and Republicans and have been introduced several times now. These must be passed if we are ever to build a culture of life in this country.

Embryonic stem cell research also takes life. This systematic taking of life through experimentation is also wrong no matter how good the intentions. We must focus our efforts on adult stem cell research that does not take life and to date has produced cures and therapies for over 70 diseases and injuries, such as Parkinson's, Leukemia, and spinal injuries to name just a few. Embryonic stem cell research has produced zero cures or therapies.

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