Issue Position: Farming

Issue Position

By:  David Gill
Location: Unknown

Dr. Gill Will Support our Family Farmer

Agriculture has become "go big or go home". Our existing system encourages larger farms focused on high production; this typically leads to more pollution, more foreclosures, and little regard for the land or the family farmer.

Farmers, like the rest of us, are searching for stability in uncertain times. It is important that our next Congressperson understand the need for a stable health care system and the need for a fair subsidy program that supports large and small farmers alike. I have listened to many farmers throughout all 22 counties of my district, and I have great respect for the vital service they provide for the rest of us.

Dr. Gill will fight for:

* A Fair Subsidy Program that supports all farmers
* Fair Trade policies that encourage the purchase of American products -- not the NAFTA and CAFTA-type deals which benefit only the large multinational corporations
* Increased use of Ethanol and Bio-diesel, produced from American grain
* Tax credits for Wind Energy and value added products
* A National Healthcare plan that covers all farmers
* Gun Ownership Rights that are protected by the 2nd Amendment

Healthcare for Farmers

The Universal Healthcare Program that Dr. Gill has advocated for the last 20 years would benefit all Americans, especially farmers. This program is especially important for farmers, self-employed freelancers, and small business owners who do not benefit from group buying programs that large corporations offer workers.

Farm Subsidies

We need a fair subsidy program that guarantees a base income level for farmers. The subsidy program should be based on income level, not on yields or acreage. If necessary, we should use subsidy caps that would encourage farmers to be stewards of the land instead of encouraging giant mass-producing agriculture corporations.

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