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Issue Position: Job Creation

Issue Position

Location: 01/01/2010

As a small business owner and operator, I understand what it takes for the private sector to create and maintain good jobs in our community. With unemployment at the highest level in recent memory, job creation will be my top priority when I am elected. We need to address four areas to help create meaningful jobs in our district.

* We need to lower taxes and make the tax code simpler. Allowing small businesses and families to keep more of the money they earn will help create jobs.

* Next, we need regulation, but we need smarter regulation. On behalf of the pest control industry and small businesses, I have lobbied for years at the local, state and federal levels for smarter regulation.

* To help businesses of all sizes create jobs, we need meaningful healthcare reform. We do not need another large government-run healthcare program. Instead, we need to create more private options that will lower health care costs and will permit more people to purchase health insurance. Meaningful tort reform will alleviate the need for doctors to practice defensive medicine that results in millions of unnecessary procedures and wastes billions of dollars. We need to allow people to cross state lines to secure healthcare and we need to ensure that people who have health care can keep it, despite any pre-existing conditions. Healthcare reform must include comprehensive reform of medical malpractice.

* Finally, we need to reinvest in basic research and training for our workers.

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