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Issue Position: Winning the War on Terror

Issue Position

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Congressman Peter Roskam believes the War on Terror is one of our generation's greatest challenges. Over the next few years, Congress will set our nation on a path abroad that will shape foreign policy for the next hundred.

The attacks of September 11 are a stark reminder of the consequences of complacency. Such consequences are why Congressman Roskam has been unwavering in his commitment to securing our homeland and eliminating threats abroad. The spread of terrorism requires the United States to be ever vigilant, all while respecting the liberties that all Americans cherish.

Congressman Roskam will continue his support of our Armed Forces and the missions across the world.


Congressman Roskam traveled Afghanistan in January of this year where he visited with military commanders to discuss a plan to deploy an additional 3,200 Marines to the region. Roskam believes Afghanistan is the front line of the War on Terror.

Emerging Threats

We must also not forget that there are other threats emerging which Congress needs to keep in focus. From the need to contain Iran and North Korea's nuclear ambitions, the instability in Pakistan, to the expansionist movement of Russia, the United States must be vigilant - working with our allies and ensuring our Armed Services remains strong.

But the United States need not bear the burden or expense of "go it alone." We have valuable allies and strong alliances to aid in combating threats to global peace and prosperity.

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