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Issue Position: Low Taxes and a Stronger Economy

Issue Position

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From buying groceries to filling up the minivan, American families are facing increasingly tough financial decisions everyday. Despite these hard times for families, Congress wants more of their hard-earned money.

Over Roskam's objections, Congress has passed legislation to raise taxes by $200 billion over the next 10 years in order to pay for the $997 billion in new federal spending.

It's obvious to all of us that $200 billion does not equal $997 billion, further demonstrating the sort of fuzzy math used in Washington. These misguided policies directly threaten more than 16 million American jobs.

Congressman Roskam believes keeping the tax burden low on families and small businesses is essential to job creation. He also knows that low taxes lead to the type of business and personal investments that will help ensure jobs that fuel a strong economic future.

Economic Growth

Congressman Roskam believes in free maket economics that empowers Americans to spend, save and invest more their hard-earned money rather than sending it to Washington. As increasing costs of living squeeze families budgets, it is ever more important to provide relief to families struggling in the current economy.

Keeping taxes low on families and small businesses is esesntial to create the jobs that will help fuel a stronger economy.

The price at the pump directly impacts our economy. Rising fuel prices place an increasing strain on American families and small business.

* Costly fuel prices reduce profit margins for small business owners and garnishes wages for workers

Congress must end our dependence on foreign oil by increasing environmentally sensitive domestic exploration and production. Doing so will help to provide consumer relief, stimulate a lagging economic and alleviate our dangerous dependence on foreign energy sources.

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