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Issue Position: Security and Peace for Israel

Issue Position


There is no more important strategic partnership for the United States in the Middle East and globally, than that with our long-standing democratic ally Israel. Given the grave threats of radical extremism, terrorism, and deadly rocket attacks, a nuclear Iran and hostile neighbors, the United States Congress must unequivocally support the Jewish state of Israel. As a Member of Congress, I will strongly advocate for even stronger bilateral cooperation between Washington and Jerusalem militarily, economically, and politically.

The United States must stand firmly with the Israeli people, at the United Nations and internationally, in their right of self-defense against terrorism perpetrated by Hamas and Hezbollah, as well as leading state sponsors of terrorism, Iran and Syria. The United States should continue to reject the anti-Israel, one-sided, inaccurate, and prejudicial Goldstone Report on the Gaza War that fails to hold Hamas and its patron Iran responsible for killing innocent Israelis and using Palestinian women and children as human shields.

Although Israel has sought lasting peace with the Palestinians and surrounding nations, the Israeli government's outstretched hand has too often been met by Palestinian and Arab leaders with a clenched fist, violence, and anti-Semitic rhetoric. While it is incumbent that the U.S. support peace efforts in the Middle East, America must be clear with the Palestinian Authority that they have an obligation to end incitement, violence, and terrorism. The Palestinian Authority should return to the negotiating table without preconditions and finally end anti-Israeli incitement and attacks.

The U.S. must also continue to isolate Hamas until this terrorist organization rejects violence, recognizes Israel, and abides by previous Israel-Palestinian peace agreements. Arab states that have claimed they want a peaceful Middle East must take steps, as stressed by the current American Administration, to recognize Israel's right to exist, normalize diplomatic relations, and end their illegal economic embargo of Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and previous Israeli governments have taken bold steps for peace, including unilaterally disengaging from Gaza, and the onus is now on the Palestinians and Arab countries to meet Israel's outstretched hand.

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