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Issue Position: Protecting a Woman's Right to Choose

Issue Position


I believe that a woman's right to choose must be kept free from governmental intrusion. For years this basic freedom has been under consistent attack by anti-choice extremists. The U.S. Supreme Court's 1973 landmark ruling in Roe v. Wade recognized the rights of a woman to make medical decisions about her own body and has established the basis for subsequent protections of this right. Everyone agrees that we need to work to provide the needed health and support services to minimize the number of unintended pregnancies in this country, but the decision to have an abortion must remain in the hands of a woman in consultation with her doctor, clergy and family.

In addition, schools must educate older children about contraception, the prevention of pregnancy and avoiding sexually transmitted diseases, including the benefits of choosing abstinence. However, abstinence-only education has been a failure, and I will oppose such efforts in Congress as I have done at the state level through my "Healthy Teens' legislation. As a Member of Congress, I will strongly support both domestic and international family planning efforts to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies and abortions worldwide. Women, both in the United States and abroad, must have the power to make their own reproductive choices.

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