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Cantor On The President's Health Care Summit & Lowering Health Care Costs

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

On Attending The President's Health Care Summit:

"We are going to show up, because we want to continue to reflect what the American people are asking for. And really, right now, it's up to the President and Speaker Pelosi to start listening to the American people, if they don't there's not much to talk about. As the Leader suggested prior, the American people have resoundingly rejected the Democrats' health care bill, we've got to find a better way.

Goal of the Summit: Lowering Health Care Costs:

"We have stood ready for the past year to work alongside this President, Speaker Pelosi, and the Democrats in Congress. Now once again, there is talk of bipartisanship, but what we need to really focus on, if we're going to get anything done, is to try and address what people are worried about -- the increased cost of health care. We can accomplish bringing down costs through some of the ideas that we have put on the table, in fact I think most Democrats agree with as well.

On Sensible Health Care Solutions:

"It is in the interest of the minority in the Congress to reach out, and we have continued to. But what we want to say is this: we're not interested in a dog and pony show to trumpet failed bills that, in fact, the Democrats can't even pass right now. We're not interested in that because the American people aren't, either. Where we feel we need to go is to tell the President, look, we are ready to work on things that we can agree on. Set aside this notion of government taking over our health care. Set aside this notion that Washington knows best about the kind of choices that families face in health care and we can start to bring down health care costs."

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