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Cantor: The President's Budget Does Nothing For Job Creation


Location: Washington, DC

"Good morning. As we are all talking about the budget, and our Ranking Member of the Budget Committee has been engaged in those discussions, we will as well engage in those discussions today in the Ways and Means Committee. The President is out talking about his new program dealing with small business. We appreciate finally the fact that perhaps maybe small businesses are going to be a priority, because we know that small businesses are the job generators in our economy. But let's look at what kinds of things that are being proposed by this President in his budget as far as small business is concerned. His proposal is a Jimmy Carter era tax policy that failed.

"We're about saying, look, no one is going to hire anyone until we remove the climate of uncertainty, that we talk about reducing the deficit so we don't incur higher taxes in the future, so that we don't have to see business people fearful of a cap and trade bill that will impose a national energy tax, so that we don't have to say to small business people, "hold on, wait, you'll have more health care mandates and, oh by the way, all the tax cuts that have been in place are going to be repealed and taxes will go up at the end of this year.' That's the reality. Their budget does nothing for job creation. We are trying to set the debate back towards the center and say we've got to be about growth in this economy and we've got to get our fiscal house in order and can't raise taxes in this recession."

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