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Cantor Challenges Speaker Pelosi, Leader Hoyer To Follow President's Lead And Meet With GOP


Location: Washington, DC

"The discussion that all of you just witnessed is a first. It was the kind of discussion frankly that we need to have more of. I'm hopeful that Speaker Pelosi and Leader Hoyer will follow the President's lead and begin to open their doors, and invite Republicans to participate in a discussion like we just had. Obviously we heard differences and there are differences, but as the Leader just said, there are some things we agree upon. Offshore drilling seems to be one that came up several times in there, as well as the construction of clean nuclear plants. Let's go ahead and do those things.

"Let's do the things that we can agree upon, set aside perhaps the things that the President believes in that we philosophically don't, but if there is some common ground we ought to go ahead forward with those. So, I look forward to perhaps seeing that the House leadership on the other side of the aisle follows the lead of the President and we can begin to see actually some progress towards making things happen for the American people."

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