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Congressman Donnelly Travels To Afghanistan And Pakistan

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congressman Joe Donnelly discussed his recent trip to Romania, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tunisia. While in Afghanistan, Congressman Donnelly visited with U.S. troops serving there and gathered information on our military efforts.

"My primary focus was visiting with our men and women in uniform, to hear from them how they are doing and to learn about our progress," said Congressman Donnelly. "I have been to Afghanistan three times now, and I believe the current surge is providing our troops with the resources they need to be successful. They are working tirelessly to stabilize the country and transfer security responsibility to the citizens of Afghanistan."

Donnelly was part of a bipartisan group of representatives visiting South Asia. Congressman Stephen Lynch (MA-9), Congresswoman Betty Sutton (OH-13), Congressman Bob Inglis (SC-4), and Congressman Todd Platts (PA-19) also participated in the trip.

The delegation first visited Romania to discuss terrorist financing, and then traveled to Pakistan to meet with government and military leaders to discuss the Taliban and al-Qaeda threats to Pakistan and Afghanistan. Next, the delegation went to Afghanistan to meet with top military officials and troops on the progress of the U.S. mission. Finally, the group visited Tunisia, where they paid respect to U.S. troops killed in the line of duty during World War II.

"My visit to Afghanistan gave me the unique opportunity to see our mission carried out on the ground," said Congressman Donnelly. "My first responsibility as north central Indiana's Congressman is the protection of our country, and the information I gathered while overseas better informs the decisions I make in Washington. I was pleased to see our men and women in uniform doing well, and to learn that we are making progress on our mission. We are facing many challenges in Afghanistan, but our troops are working hard to stabilize the country and protect us from future terrorist threats."

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