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Health Care

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Health Care


Mr. JORDAN of Ohio. I thank the gentleman for yielding. I thank both him and the gentlemen from Texas and Ohio for this Special Order hour on behalf of the Republican Study Committee.

I notice the chart in the well of the Chamber is talking about the real cost of the health care legislation and what it means over time: $2.1 trillion. I think when you look at that number and couple it with some of the things that we have seen happen in the last year--in fact, I gave a speech last week back home in the Fourth Congressional District of Ohio where I talked about this, and I started the speech with the question, Who would have imagined? Who would have thought? Who would have thought that we would run a $1.4 trillion deficit last year, the largest in American history? Who would have thought that we would have a $12 trillion national debt, moving to $13 trillion in the very near future, slated to go on the Obama budget spending schedule to $20 trillion over the next 10 years? Who would have thought within 2 years the interest payments on that debt would be over a billion dollars a day? We are talking some serious, serious financial concern.

And what do we have being pushed by the leadership in this Congress? A health care bill that is going to add $2.1 trillion to those already unbelievable numbers. Every single American, every man, woman, and child today, to pay off the debt we currently have, it is $39,000 that they have to pay. It is unbelievable. You think about one of the things that makes America great, that makes us the greatest Nation in history, is the simple concept that parents make sacrifices for their kids so that when they grow up they can have life better than we did. They in turn do it for their children, and each generation in this country has done it for the next.

But now what we have in America, unfortunately, is this focus on living and spending for the now, living and spending for the moment and sending the bill to our kids. Unfortunately, this health care bill represents all that is bad about Washington, not only on the spending side, but as my colleagues have pointed out, in a whole host of other areas as well.

I would just say in just a general sense, and I will make this last point and then I will yield back to the gentleman from Texas. I would just say this bill represents what Americans hate about Washington. This health care bill is big taxes, big spending, big Washington, big bureaucracy, Federal Government telling families and small business owners and individual Americans how they are now going to get their health care, telling Americans that you will now have bureaucrats between you and your family and your doctor. It represents everything that Americans don't like about this place. Unfortunately, it seems like the leadership in this Congress is bound and determined to move forward with that.

One thing I know about Americans, Mr. Neugebauer, is that we hate being told what to do. It is part of the American DNA. They see this health care bill as telling them how they are going to get their health care, and they don't like it. The old line that we have in Ohio, and probably have in Texas, too, is that for most Americans when they are traveling down the highway and they see the sign that says 55, for most Americans that is not the limit, that is the challenge. That is how we look at things. We hate this idea of being told how we are going to do things. That is why we are Americans. And the idea that now the central government, the Federal Government, is going to tell us how we are going to get our health care, and it is going to cost us $2.1 trillion in addition to all of the debt we currently have, is what really offends Americans.

So I appreciate the gentleman from Texas taking the time tonight to lead this hour, and I yield back to the gentleman.


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