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Rep. Massa Says "Enough Is Enough" In Votes For Common Sense Economics

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Fighting for common-sense kitchen table economics, Rep. Eric Massa cast two important votes today. In the first vote, which passed by a total of 217-212, Rep. Massa voted against increasing the federal debt limit to $14.3 trillion. Later in the day, Rep. Massa voted to reinstitute statutory PAYGO, or Pay-As-You-Go, rules in the House. The PAYGO vote passed by 233-187 and will require future House bills to show how they are paid for.

"Today I cast two votes for common sense, kitchen table economics," said Congressman Eric Massa. "I voted against raising the federal debt limit because I think enough is enough and we need to clamp down on the deficit. This reasoning is also why I chose to vote for statutory Pay-As-You-Go rules for future legislation in the House. Washington needs to balance its checkbook the same way American families have to and these are the values I'm working to advance in Congress."

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