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Statement Of Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen On President Obama's State Of The Union Address


Location: Unknown

On the President's "Push for Jobs":

"I am pleased that President Obama is finally focusing on getting Americans back to work. We need a truly bipartisan effort on creating PRIVATE sector jobs, not just adding to state and federal public payrolls."

On the President's "Spending Freeze:"

"I support his call for a "spending freeze.' However, in the wake of the trillion-dollar "stimulus' package and a $410 billion Omnibus Appropriations bill, his recommendation is long overdue but virtually meaningless. He has borrowed so much money against our future needs that we have an unsustainable national debt approaching $14 trillion!"

On health care:

"The President's "closed door' strategy for a government takeover of health care has angered and worried the vast majority of Americans. Democrats and Republicans should be working on enactment of simple and discrete reform bills to include "portability', outlawing pre-existing conditions, allowing the interstate sale of health insurance, reducing junk medical lawsuits. Our goal must be to reduce costs and improve access to health care for all Americans."

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