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Rep. Gallegly: Open The Doors And We'll Work With You


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Rep. Elton Gallegly (R-CA) issued the following statement on President Obama's State of the Union address.

"Roughly 3 million Americans have lost their jobs since President Obama signed the stimulus bill nearly a year ago. Tonight, the president listed a few success stories he says resulted from bill.

"However, across America, there are far more stories like this from one of my constituents:

""Due to the slowing economy, my company was forced to close the plant where I worked near my home in Thousand Oaks. I was fortunate to be offered a transfer to another plant in Victorville. It's difficult to find another job, so I am currently working at a location two hours from my home.

""Instead of focusing like a laser-beam on the economy in the form of lower taxes for businesses, Congress has made the business climate very uncertain by proposing grand new government programs and new taxes to pay for them. I believe companies (especially small businesses) have put off hiring because of this uncertain climate.'

"I agree.

"There are a number of proposals President Obama suggested tonight that I support: Tax credits for new businesses that hire new workers or raise wages; the elimination of capital gains taxes on small business investment; tax incentives for all businesses to invest in new plants and equipment; building a new generation of nuclear power plants; expanding oil and gas development; doing more for our veterans; and taking the fight to our enemies, for example.

"But if he insists on a healthcare bill that will raise premiums and taxes on middle-class Americans while destroying up to 5 million more jobs--according to a model created by Christina Romer, chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisors--I cannot support that.

"We can do better.

"If President Obama is serious about bipartisanship, he is going to have to persuade Speaker Pelosi to join him.

"Here are a handful of the many, many proposals we have tried to bring to the table in the past year. They are still on the table:

* "Halt any proposed rule or regulation expected to have an economic cost, result in job loss, or have a disparate impact on small businesses that is not absolutely necessary for the health and welfare of workers;

* "Eliminate job-killing federal tax increases such as proposed in Speaker Pelosi's healthcare and energy plans.

* "Remove unnecessary barriers to domestic energy production, including but not limited to wind, solar, nuclear, oil and natural gas.

* "Reform the medical malpractice system. Too many doctors order unnecessary tests because they are afraid they will be sued if they don't.

* "Allow small businesses to join together to purchase group health insurance for their employees.

* "Give grants to states to create high-risk pools to provide affordable health insurance to people with pre-existing conditions.

* "Provide Medicare and Medicaid with additional authority and resources to stop waste, fraud and abuse that cost taxpayers billions of dollars every year.

"We can do better, but bipartisanship is a two-way street. Speaker Pelosi has shut the door on compromise. Every proposal we've brought to the table--when we were allowed to sit at the table--has been summarily dismissed.

"The result has been record unemployment and record deficits. It is imperative that members of Congress work together and compromise for the betterment of all Americans. That is the message President Obama must deliver to Speaker Pelosi."

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