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Minnick Joins Call For Steps To Reduce Spending, Balance The Budge

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Walt Minnick joined fellow members of the fiscally conservative Blue Dog Coalition to release a comprehensive plan for cutting spending and balancing the budget. The "Blue Dog Blueprint for Fiscal Reform" offers concrete steps for reducing the deficit in a common-sense, bipartisan fashion.

"The lack of real fiscal accountability and responsibility in Washington, D.C., is one of the most pressing and serious problems facing our nation," said Minnick, a Congressman from Idaho. "Both parties are to blame for out-of-control spending, but the American people expect both parties to work together to solve this serious problem and make the same tough choices so many Idaho families are making during these difficult economic times. It's time for real change in Congress, and that should begin with changing the way we spend taxpayer dollars."

Experts and policy pundits from across the political spectrum have issued a common warning that Congress must act now in order to balance the budget and put in place policies for a sound fiscal future. The "Blue Dog Blueprint for Fiscal Reform" offers concrete proposals to achieve those goals.

One of the proposals will be introduced by Minnick in a bill. The freshman Congressman, who sits on the House Financial Services and Agriculture committees, will offer a measure to allow "expedited recission" -- requiring Congress to have an up or down vote on all presidential requests to reduce or eliminate specific pork-barrel spending and inefficient programs in appropriations bills. This is a Constitutional form of the line-item veto.

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