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Congressman Kingston Speaks At Adel Business Roundtable

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA/01) spoke at the Adel Business Roundtable last Friday. The roundtable consists of 35 members organized by Mayor Richard Barr. The group is comprised of local elected officials, businessmen and educators. Congressman Kingston addressed the group offering his views on the current state of health care legislation and what the future might hold.

"Our present health care system is not perfect and reform is definitely needed, but government run health care is not the answer," Congressman Kingston said. "The current legislation does nothing to reduce the cost of health care and without reducing our cost, no reform put in place will be effective." Kingston suggested that allowing consumers to purchase policies across state lines would be a positive step in the right direction.

Several members also expressed concern over recent news reports that labor unions were recently able to strike a deal with lawmakers regarding health care legislation. If the bill passes, union workers will be able to continue carrying their private insurance plans but will be exempt from a 40 percent government imposed excise tax.

Kingston voiced his disproval of recent actions by lawmakers to make deals that would sway votes in the Senate. Kingston promised to continue to push for targeted reform including associated health plans, the purchase of health insurance across state lines, tax credits and medical liability reform.

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