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Cantor On Jobs, Public Opinion, Administration Blame Games

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Cantor Responds To The State Of The Union:

When you take this speech in total last night, I think the President missed an opportunity to really respond to the American people. We've seen over the last several months in Virginia, New Jersey, and then Massachusetts last week that the public just doesn't like the agenda that this administration's about. And so when you hear the President doubling down on health care, when you hear him defend the stimulus bill, when you hear him start blaming Republicans, you have to begin to wonder, how is it that any President or Administration can discount public opinion like this?

On The President's Political Expediency Claim:

We've continuously been willing to work with him since January and the Stimulus Bill. You know, I've handed him a stimulus proposal. I've handed him our Republican No-Cost-Jobs Proposal. For the President to say, you know, Republicans are just voting now out of political expediency, he knows that's not right. I support more clean nuclear plants. Republicans support offshore drilling but we don't support a cap-and-trade bill which he then followed up after he said he was for clean coal. There's a lot of inconsistency there.

On Use of TARP Funds:

We are not with the President on the creation and expansion of more government programs. When he goes and says, you know what? We ought to take the TARP money and we ought to take that money, tax the banks and use it to give to small business. First of all, TARP. was always something that was meant to be paid back to the taxpayers. We ought to refocus the debate here. How are we going to help the job creators? That's the bottom line.

On Job Creation:

I think what we missed last night is a single focus from this speech. Where we've got to go is jobs. The President put the words there. He said his priority is going to be jobs. But you can't sort of square that with this proposal for cap-and-trade. And that's the point.

On Small Business Lending:

The distinction here is, over 90% of small businesses have never had an SBA loan. And most don't want it because of the red tape dealing with the government. The real problem with small business growth right now is availability of credit. How do you square that with the President saying then we're going to tax the banks? The two are inconsistent.

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