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Cantor Previews The State Of The Union On CNN's Situation Room

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Cantor on Previewing the State of the Union:

"What I'd like to hear is that the President has listened and learned and heard the people of this country, because over the last 12 months they have rejected the agenda that he and Nancy Pelosi and Leader Reid have been proposing here. I'd like to hear the President talk about kitchen table issues. I'd like to hear him say, you know what the answer is not in more government programs or Washington spending. The answer is in trying to get people back to work, to lift the environment of uncertainty and boost the confidence of working families.

On Job Creation:

"From the details that I know about his jobs bill, it seems to be more of the same. It seems to be more of the Washington programs and frankly, Washington telling folks what's best for them and the kind of jobs they can create. We know that this country has become the prosperous place that it has because the entrepreneurial spirit. We've got to focus on the job creators and make it easier for them to create the jobs they know how to create, not some recipe that Washington imposes on them.

On Health Care:

"The real question is what is Nancy Pelosi ready and willing to do. We know that their health care bill ran into a lot of trouble last week with the election of Scott Brown, and since then there's been no communication from the White House or Speaker Pelosi about how to work together. I met with Leader Steny Hoyer several months ago and presented to him the Republican plan. That's a plan that lowers cost, and by lowering costs we institute reforms, put in place malpractice reforms, put in place the ability for people to purchase insurance across state lines. These are the kinds of things that I think will ultimately help people stand up to their insurance companies so we don't see the cases of denial of coverage. But you know what Wolf the majority here is controlled by the Democrats. We stand ready and willing to talk, but they have not even come knocking."

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