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Blackburn On Latest Unemployment Numbers


Location: Washington, DC

Blackburn On Latest Unemployment Numbers

Congressman Marsha Blackburn made the following statement after the Department of Labor's release of the December unemployment figures:

"While Congress and the President have wasted a year, and hundreds of billions of dollars, trying to spend our way to prosperity, more than ten percent of our workforce remains unemployed and eighty-five thousand more Americans lost their jobs last month. President Obama and his liberal partisans in Congress apparently still believe that the keys to prosperity and job creation are to write more I.O.U slips to China. And still, House Leadership ignores these facts as they perpetuate the federal spending spre- buying votes for health care reform. If they would take a timeout from their arm twisting and look at what is really happening in America, they would see what Tennesseans already know- America is on the wrong path."

"It is time to clear the big government road block to prosperity. We must immediately curb spending and purge the books of anti-competitive, anti-growth regulations. The days when Washington has first right of refusal on your pay check must come to a close."

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