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Put Americans Back To Work

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. FLEMING. Madam Speaker, the American people are hurting, and Washington is not listening. Over the past year, the policies of more taxes, runaway spending and record debt have had a chilling effect on job creation across this country. The stock market is languishing, home sales have declined, and unemployment is in double-digits, reaching its highest level in decades.

Last year, President Obama and congressional Democrats promised that the trillion-dollar stimulus plan would create jobs immediately, and unemployment would not rise above 8 percent. Sadly, the only thing the wasteful stimulus bill created was bigger government, with nearly 2.7 million American jobs lost since that promise was made.

The Republican plan provides targeted tax relief for working families and small businesses and will create real jobs, not an illusion of jobs saved, as the administration suggests. It's past time that the President and the Democratic majority get serious about putting Americans back to work.

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