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Burmese American Imprisoned

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. PITTS. Madam Speaker, an American citizen is being held illegally and unjustly by the Burmese Government today, and we should do all we can to return him to the United States and to his family.

Nyi Nyi Aung has been imprisoned in Burma since September 3, and has been held under a revolving array of charges--all bogus. Aung has been deprived of food and sleep, has been beaten, then has had medical treatment withheld, and he remains in prison while his trial is pending.

The Burmese Government has ignored its obligations under international treaty, and it violates the standards of human rights and basic decency.

Aung has a heart for the oppressed people of his native country, a heart to bring true democracy to Burma, and his offense is promoting freedom in a country that is like a vast prison camp.

I urge Secretary Clinton to publicly call for Aung's release and to use all possible diplomatic means to return him to the United States where he can receive medical care. His life hangs in the balance, and we cannot afford to wait.

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