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Reichert Rejects Second "Stimulus," $290 Billion Increase For Federal Debt

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Dave Reichert (WA-08) today opposed passage of a second "stimulus" and increasing the federal debt limit, two pieces of legislation that passed the House of Representatives despite bipartisan opposition.

"Hard-working Americans across this country are looking for common sense solutions to ease their fears about jobs and our snowballing national debt," Reichert said. "But rather than offering those solutions, today Congress asked taxpayers for hundreds of billions more to rerun a second "stimulus" when the first try has yet to preserve jobs. In my view that's inexcusable. Americans were told the first stimulus bill would create 3.5 million jobs and keep unemployment from rising above 8 percent, but instead we've lost nearly 3 million jobs -- over 65,900 in the State of Washington -- and employment hovers above 10 percent. Now is not the time to hastily duplicate programs that have proven ineffective in creating jobs or stimulating recovery. Last year's $700 billion bailout shows what happens when government rushes to act.

"Now is the time for Congress to take a step back to get its fiscal house in order and deliver on the common-sense solutions Americans are looking for," Reichert continued. "That means implementing broad-based tax relief, effective, targeted infrastructure spending, creating a culture of innovation for small and large businesses alike, and opening new markets to trade to put our country and our economy back on the right track."

Reichert has long been an outspoken advocate of measures proven to stimulate the economy including tax incentives, growing jobs and exports by enacting free trade agreements, and fiscal responsibility that holds federal spending to sustainable levels. Earlier this year, Reichert introduced H.R. 4328, the Reclaiming Bailout Funds for Taxpayers Act, which works to reclaim bailout money on behalf of taxpayers, calling for unused funds to be returned and to pay down the deficit.

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