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Kingston Steps Up Effort To Make Health Care Negotiations Public

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Location: Washington, DC

Kingston Steps Up Effort To Make Health Care Negotiations Public

On the campaign trail, then Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) promised to welcome C-SPAN cameras into the room to make the American "public part of the conversation," so they can, "know what's going on."

After months of negotiations being held behind closed doors, Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA) is stepping up his efforts to make the negotiations public. In signing a legislative tool known as a discharge petition, he's joined an effort to force and up or down vote on a bipartisan resolution which would require all health care reform negotiations be public and open to the media. With 218 signatures, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would have no choice but to bring the resolution to the floor for a vote.

"My concern is that some in Washington aren't hearing what I'm hearing when I'm back home," Congressman Kingston said. "That's completely understandable if you've spent your Christmas locked up in the Capitol making back room deals to force through a piece of unpopular legislation. So to help Speaker Pelosi and Leader Reid know how the American people feel, I've offered my support to opening the doors and, with any luck, opening their ears."

While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently balked at honoring the President's promise to allow C-SPAN in the room, the non-profit network last week sent a letter to her and other congressional leaders offering to commit necessary resources to covering the negotiations live and in their entirety.

If 217 members of Congress join Congressman Kingston in his effort to force her hand, she'll have no choice.

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