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Cantor: "This Health Care Bill Can Be Defeated"


Location: Washington, DC

"The choice for Democrats is: Are they going to be with the people or are they going to be with Pelosi"

Good Morning.

Having just returned from winter break, our Members have listened to their constituents over the last month. The message has been very clear - the American people want to see the agenda being proposed by this White House and the Majority in this Congress stopped because it does not work, it does not produce the results that the American people had expected.

And for us, that starts with standing up and defeating this health care bill. This health care bill can be defeated. We just spent the past hour going over our strategy and how we can do everything we can to stop this health care bill. We're looking at 37 Democrats who are in districts that are particularly upset and vulnerable to the provisions of this health care bill. We're going to go about the next week to two weeks -- whenever it is -- doing whatever we can to bring the Members in the middle on the other side over to us in opposition to this healthcare bill. Frankly, the choice is very clear for the Democratic members on the other side who sit in these seats that reflect a much more center--right America. The choice for them is: Are they going to be with the people or are they going to be with Pelosi?

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