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Scott Brown Calls On Martha Coakley To Join Him In Calling For Openness And Transparency In Health Care Negotiations

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U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown today called on his opponent Martha Coakley to join with him in insisting on transparency and openness in the ongoing health care negotiations.

This week, Brian Lamb, the chief executive officer of the C-SPAN network, penned a letter to President Obama and congressional Democratic leaders urging them to fulfill President Obama's campaign pledge to bring transparency and openness to the health care negotiations.

"Martha Coakley needs to repudiate the decision by Capitol Hill powerbrokers to move the health care negotiations to backrooms behind closed doors," said Brown. "Given the significant implications of the health care legislation on the lives of millions of Americans, the negotiations need to be readily accessible for any citizen who wants to see how Washington plans to transform one-sixth of our economy."

"Given that the winner of the special Senate election in Massachusetts will likely cast the decisive vote on the final version of the health care bill, it is critically important that voters know where their candidates stand on the issue of transparency," added Brown. "I agree with candidate Obama: the negotiations should be televised on C-SPAN, and it is extremely disappointing Harry Reid has decided to move the debate behind closed doors. Now, I am calling on my opponent to make her position clear on this critical issue immediately."

The involvement of the non-partisan C-SPAN network came on the heels of Majority Leader Harry Reid's recent decision to merge the differing House and Senate versions of the health care bill behind closed doors, bypassing a public reconciliation of the massive legislation. Lamb wrote in his letter that as "the process moves to the critical stage of reconciliation between the chambers, we respectfully request that you allow the public full access, through television, to legislation that will affect the lives of every single American."

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