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Scalise Vows To Keep Fighting Government Takeover Of Health Care Now That It Heads Back To House


Location: Jefferson, LA

Congressman Steve Scalise issued the following statement after Senate Democrats passed a 2,733-page government takeover of health care.

"Instead of healthcare reform, Senators opted to loot the federal treasury by playing 'let's make a deal.' Senators jockeyed to exempt their states from parts of the bill and stuck the taxpayers with the tab, leaving American families and small businesses with hundreds of billions in new taxes, devastating cuts to Medicare, and higher health care costs than ever before. I will continue to fight this government takeover of health care now that it heads back to the House.

"It is a sad day for our country when President Obama places more importance on passing a bill than on making reforms to lower the cost of health care for American families. Small businesses and middle class families in Louisiana will be hit the hardest by the massive new taxes and mandates imposed by their government takeover of health care."

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