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Congressman Continues To Oppose Automatic Pay Raises For Members Of Congress


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Ralph Hall (R-TX/4) expressed his support today for a request by C-SPAN that all future health care negotiations be open to the public through media coverage.

"Concerned citizens in my district and across the country continue to speak out against the Democrats' plan to pass a government takeover of health care," Hall said. "Democrats are meeting behind closed doors to draft their final plan for health care reform that will change one-sixth of the American economy and impact every American life. The American people deserve openness, transparency and accountability -- not more secret backroom deals."

Hall noted that during the presidential campaign, President Obama promised voters that health care negotiations would be televised live. Recently, C-SPAN wrote congressional leaders asking that all future health care negotiations be open to the public through media coverage.

"The American people deserve a seat at the table, and I support this request by C-SPAN and urge the Democratic leadership to do so as well," Hall said. "As families and small businesses struggle during these difficult economic times, it is important that Congress pass responsible health care reform that lowers costs and provides greater access to affordable care."

"We need to fix what is broken in our health care system in a way that protects families," Hall said. "Unfortunately, the Democrats' plan will increase government spending, raise taxes and increase health care costs. This is not the prescription for reform the American people want or deserve, and they need to see that their concerns are being addressed by televising final negotiations between the House and the Senate."

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