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Patients Get Lost In A Bill Full Of Perks And Special Interests

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Location: Washington, DC

Patients Get Lost In A Bill Full Of Perks And Special Interests

Congressman Marsha Blackburn (TN-7) remarked today on the Senate's passage of a health care reform bill:

"Tomorrow morning, Americans will wake to find that the Senate has left a lump of coal in their stocking. To get sixty votes for his health care bill, Senator Reid had to twist more arms than a chiropractor. That leaves Americans with a bill that was crafted to meet a vote threshold, not a threshold of patient care. In it, critical health care decisions are shifted away from the doctor's office and into the bureaucratic corridors of Washington."

"Now negotiators from the House and Senate will sit down and try and reconcile two vastly different health care bills. I urge them to do this in an open and transparent way so that the American people will truly know what is in the final bill. I hope that the conferees will address important outstanding issues; like the federal panels currently empowered in the House bill to restrict patients access to vital preventive screenings such as mammograms."

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