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Still Can't Vote For It


Location: Corning, NY

This morning, Rep. Eric Massa weighed in on the passage of the Senate healthcare bill. Rep. Massa, who voted against the House version of the Healthcare bill back on November 7th, issued the following statement:

"Unfortunately the Senate healthcare bill falls short of anything I could support and in fact moves away from the very goals that were set for true health care reform," said Rep. Eric Massa. "To begin with, this bill lacks any kind of public option whatsoever and quite frankly that's a deathblow to gaining my support. Additionally, I am concerned that it still takes money out of Medicare and includes an individual mandate. I also have deep concerns over the massive concessions that were made to states like Nebraska for a vote. The voters of my district do not want to pay for Nebraska to have free Medicaid coverage. Additionally, this Bill, like the House Bill will raise property taxes on every single property owner in my District and I clearly stated, as did the President, that I would not vote for this program if it includes a tax increase on constituents who earn less than $250,000 a year."

"When Congress reconvenes in the new year, the conference version of the final bill will start to take shape and I will read that bill as well before weighing in, but I do not support the bill that just passed the Senate."

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