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Reintroduction Of The Revitalizing Cities Through Parks Enhancement (Recipe) Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Reintroduction Of The Revitalizing Cities Through Parks Enhancement (Recipe) Act

Mrs. MALONEY. Madam Speaker, I strongly believe that open spaces and community parks are a critical part of urban infrastructure. That's why today I am reintroducing the Revitalizing Cities Through Parks Enhancement (RECIPE) Act, that would establish a $10 million grant program for qualified, non-profit, community groups, allowing them to lease municipally owned vacant lots and transform these areas into parks. Parks and gardens created with the grants will not only provide safe places to gather, but will increase property values as well. The grants will be available from the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to groups who have met standards of financial security, and who have histories of serving their communities. To further ensure that these grants are used to make lasting positive changes, land improved and made into open community space under this legislation must be available for use as open space from the local government for at least seven years.

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