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Goodlatte Statement Following Presisent Bush's State of the Union Address

Location: Washington, DC

Washington, DC: "In his State of the Union Address this evening President Bush articulated a bold vision for America on issues both domestic and international.

He clearly outlined the progress we're making in Afghanistan and Iraq, which I just recently saw with my own eyes, and in the broader War on Terror. He also made clear to those around the world who wish America ill that we are actively engaged in thwarting future attacks and confronting regimes who harbor and sustain terrorists or terrorism.

On the home front, the President focused on the need for sustained economic growth and job creation, calling on Congress to make permanent the tax relief, which was so pivotal to this most recent economic upswing.

I was particularly encouraged by the President's call to control spending and cut the budget deficit in half-not by raising taxes, but by modernizing the government and being good stewards of taxpayer money.

This speech only served to reaffirm what most Americans already knew…while there are challenges on the horizon, the State of our Union is strong, our purpose is just, and we are more than equal to the times in which we live."

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